“We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about this.” @wwf

new1040x780JuliaGroves“Crowd-funding enables profit with purpose, by giving people the chance to directly back ventures they believe in. It’s a way of gaining greater control of where your money goes and how it works for you.” Julia Groves, Chief Executive of The Trillion Fund – pictured above.

The Trillion Fund is a social crowd-funding website. The fund’s main priority is funding new up-and-coming environmental and social projects, providing clean renewable energy. Investors can do something important; kick-starting projects that will benefit the world and the energy we use in it.

TrillionimageImage: Reg High Down, Cornwall

Investors select a project from the website’s 7000 members, they specify the areas they wish to invest in and transfer their details online. Only once a project owner has achieved their goal will they receive their funds and receive a decent return on investment.

The fund has enabled fantastic projects such as school solar panels in Nottingham, wind turbines in Cornwall and solar installations on community buildings in South Wales.

To find out how you can invest visit:

Words: Natasha Ellis