Do any other manufacturers go this far to be fair?


Phones are everywhere in our lives. They get smarter. Do we? I suppose if you learn to jump through all those app-hoops you could be cleverising yourself.

The problem is that modern technology often leaves a trail of dirt and exploitation behind it. Hence the idea of a fair phone.


Come the not-too-distant future there will be, we hope, more and more businesses that look into the entrails of every part of the development, making and delivery of their products.

To do that, though, they need our support.


Fairphone needs 15,000 orders for them to make their 2nd ethically-produced phone. They have about a third of that number already, and the figure goes up. Once they get the number required they can swing into action and make sure that, from the mined materials down to the final product and packaging, neither humanity nor nature has been ripped off.

What a swell idea. You get the product without the pollution and the spilt blood!

Let’s hope it catches