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All lights purchased in SolarAid’s shop include a £10 donation that will help them distribute three solar lights to families in rural Africa, increasing access to clean, safe, solar lighting.


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Get yourself more than just a better carbon footprint with Ecotricity

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Ecotricity, the world’s first green energy company, began the new year celebrating its 150,000th customer – having almost doubled in size in just 12 months.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, pictured below, says: “What brings so many people to Ecotricity is quite straightforward: we have the greenest energy supply in Britain, the best customer service of any energy company, and an ethical pricing policy that means every customer gets our latest best price, regardless of how they pay or when they joined us.”


Ecotricity also has the longest period of price stability in the energy industry, having frozen prices for the last two years – that’s because the company generates 40% of the green electricity it supplies from its own fleet of wind and sun parks; and the price of wind and sun does not go up as fossil fuels do.

Ecotricity also topped the 2014 Which? energy customer satisfaction survey and received the lowest number of complaints in the energy industry last year, with only 0.86 complaints per 1,000 customers.

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