Ultimate canine companion

Some dogs look after their humans in remarkable ways. Check out this video about some amazing furry friends.

 Wow! Those are some amazing dogs changing the lives of their humans. A lot of work from the dogs, trainers and owners goes into making this a huge success. Find out more on the official website:

Get involved!

Not everyone has the time, money or space for a dog, but plenty of people want to have all the benefits. Just hanging out with a dog can improve anyone’s life. Here are three great reasons people love to spend time with our tail-wagging friends.

1. It gets you outside

    Wallking outside in itself is a great way to help you relax. Getting outside elevates your vitamin D intake and at the same time you are engaging with nature, which can be very calming. Face it, it’s just good for the soul!

2. Gets you moving

Exercise is good for concentration and focus. Of course it is also fun and good for your physical health. Feeling stronger in your body also helps you to feel stronger mentally.

3. Companionship

By providing companionship, our four-legged friends stop people feeling lonely and isolated. Stroking a dog or an animal is a quick stress reliever and the rhythmic touch and movement helps lower blood pressure.


You can volunteer at your local RSPCA centre or any animal shelter, for dog walking and more. Visit: