How to become an idealist!
We want to bring you ideas from all around the world. Look what they are doing in America…
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Idealist’s founders noticed that too many good ideas for making the world a better place go unheard or unrealised.
They are all about connecting idealists – people who want to do good in the world – with opportunities for action and collaboration.

Ready to make changing the world your career?
Idealist Careers helps purpose-driven professionals find, land, and love their social-impact jobs. Through actionable advice and inspirational stories, they hope to spur and support a global community of doers who’ve made changing the world their careers.
They provide CV, cover letter and email-writing support for subscribers, post jobs, host webinars and events – all to help people find their perfect social-impact job.
Idealist Careers is a part of Idealist, a global nonprofit organisation that connects idealists to opportunities for action.