Go smoke free for Stoptober

Stoptober, the 28-day mass quit-smoking event, is now well under way. If you’re keen to kick the habit but hadn’t heard about Stoptober, don’t worry – it’s not too late to sign up. You’ll get support and maybe even some laughs from some well-known names. Comedians Rhod Gilbert, Bill Bailey, Al Murray and Shappi Khorsandi are all backing this year’s campaign and messages of encouragement will be sent straight to quitters’ phones and emails throughout October.

Organisers Public Health England especially want smokers to sign up along with friends, family and colleagues, as they say this type of ‘social quitting’ can dramatically improve people’s chances of stopping for good.

Smoking is our biggest preventable killer, but smokers are two thirds (67%) more likely to quit when their spouse also stops, and a third more likely to succeed when a close friend (36%) or someone they work with (34%) stops. So if you really want to go smoke-free, looks like the best way to do it is to convince someone close to you to do the same.

A quarter of a million people across the country signed up to Stoptober last year with more than half making it to 28 days. This year, it is expected the campaign will welcome the millionth sign-up. By stopping smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop for good.

If you go smoke-free today, you’ll see the benefits – both health and financial – straight away. Now is the time to give it a go!