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Just a quick report ‘n’ return from Club Soda, we’d like to invite any of your readers who may be concerned bout how much they’re drinking to London’s first booze-free bootcamp in January!
It starts 6.30pm on January 4 in the heart of Soho, for more information visit



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We featured the Diffusion Prison Reading group books in issue 14. Here’s a report ‘n’ return on what’s been happening since.


Their Prison Fiction programme grew rapidly in 2015. They now support 53 prisons across England and Wales and have supplied around 2,500 free books to inmates.

Their latest title is Bare Freedom by Andy Croft, the sequel to Forty-six Quid and a Bag of Dirty Washing.


Designed specifically for readers with low literacy levels, the book, like others in the series, aims to improve prisoners’ reading confidence, assist rehabilitation and champion prisoners’ right to read.

For 2016 they aim to supply free Prison Fiction books to every prison in the UK. If you can help with this or would like more information, visit or contact Dean Gillespie, charity programmes officer on 020 7592 3917 or



Since releasing Cell Workout six months ago, I have sold about 500 books around the world, including in the USA, Mexico, Chile and Australia. It’s getting excellent feedback and reviews. I’m looking forward to the new year, visiting prisons around the country with a motivational workshop – including a ‘cell workout’ followed by a group discussion about the benefits of education and achievement in prison.


Click here to buy a copy – place orders by Sunday for delivery before Christmas!

We featured Cell Workout in issue #12

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