A YouTube search for a traditional song shone a light on an otherwise-forgotten moment in history. We shared the video of the last train to San Fernando (accompanying a calypso version of the song by the same name), sepia-tinged footage of this historic journey in Trinidad on August 30, 1965.

We also shared a video by ‘guerrilla gardener’ Ron Finley. Ron has been planting vegetable gardens in LA’s abandoned lots, traffic medians and kerbs. Why? In his own words, “the drive-thrus are killing more than the drive-bys”. He’s urging people to take control of their own health by growing, so we thought this was definitely worth a second look!

More vegetables! We stumbled across this awesome video by French supermarket Intermarché which initiated the inglorious fruits and vegetables campaign. With 300 million tonnes of food wasted each year, France put its foot down and banned supermarkets from sending edible waste to landfill. And by July, all French supermarkets will have to donate unsold edible food to charities.


Writer and waste guru Bea Johnson amazed us with her green lifestyle – her family of four produces just one jam jar of waste a year! Her book, Zero Waste Home, outlines how anyone can embark on this simple but meaningful way of life based on her philosophy of the five Rs – refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Bea’s so impressive she even opens up her home to educational tours so people can see for themselves how it’s done. Bravo Bea!


CafeArt is a social enterprise that partners with independent cafes which display pieces by homeless artists on their walls. In July, 100 disposable cameras were given to London rough sleepers, who were then trained by the Royal Photographic Society. They were then asked to document their lives and given the theme My London. Of the 2,500 photos taken, 20 were chosen to be used in a calendar. A bite-sized See! review.